Friday, February 09, 2007

when i grow up i want to be...

i'm bored. bored bored bored. in the middle of a chat conversation with neil the q, a thought entered my mind... my gosh, i'm an art director. but i'm bored right now. help. haha...then i tried to recall what were the professions i wanted to be in growing up... hmmm

:: a concert pianist
first one that came to mind. i would dream of being onstage, applauded by thousands of people, as i finished one of the most difficult pieces known to man - at the time, i think it was The Beautiful Blue Danube, Grade III

:: a comic strip artist
i love comics... it's such a unique form of art that is not just visually entertaining but also exposes human traits and culture or character. my favorites (and the only ones that really make me laugh out loud, or tug my heartstrings) are garfield, pugad baboy, gary larson's the far side, and calvin & hobbes. i actually invented quite a few characters, complete with biography and whatnot. one even resembled a cute spherical blob with arms and legs and not much else, who went around in a car made of popsicle sticks and peppermint candy. some of them actually progressed to a few storylines here and there, but i guess this phase of my life never quite caught on

:: a comic book artist
i totally idolize comic book artists, and my favorites were of course the great Jim Lee and J Scott Campbell. my cousin mike and i would spend hours drawing, mostly copying his collection of DC, Marvel and Image comic books and trading cards. we eventually came up with our own team of super heroes... 6 in all, he drew the guys, i took care of the girls... and would make up fantastical stories that usually involved my heroine having to be saved by one of his characters. harumph!

:: a figure skater
well, there goes THAT dream. haha. i did take a few lessons back in college, and i guess it's like riding a won't ever forget once you learn how to. owel. this came around the time i was staying in LA and my cousins and i were totally mesmerized by the Winter Olympics. go oksana!

:: a cook
i loved to read. it was my favorite pastime, and sometimes this would annoy my cousin (yes, mike) immensely, when i'd rather spend vacation time reading instead of playing...or rather watching him play...nintendo, go biking or build with tinkertoys. and some of the books i loved to browse through were cookbooks. i would go through my lola's cookbooks and baking books as if they Grimm's fairy tales, reading each step in detail and gazing at the photographs or illustrations. funny, i still don't know exactly how to, and i even love to watch cooking shows on tv and all. i think i'll have to learn eventually. neil would say.. "paano na when you're married?" hm... instant noodles for dinner, honey?

:: a singer for Disney's animated films
hahaha... specific ba? i have serious stage fright kasi... but i loved Disney songs and would belt out songs from the little mermaid, aladdin, and all the old classics. so i would dream of being chosen by Disney scouts to voice one of their lovely characters, and i'd have a lovely solo or a romantic duet...safely behind-the-scenes in a recording booth

more to come... i gotta go attend small group now :P

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