Monday, February 12, 2007

"If men have compartments, women have tote bags..."

For you men out there who are not familiar with tote bags, a tote bag is a large "carry-all" bag similar to but just a tad smaller than a sports duffel bag. The whole point of a tote bag is you throw everything in it that you could ever possibly need and bring it with you wherever you go.

I have always wondered how men survive without carrying bags around (what do you do if your lips are chapped? what if you need a mint? where do you put your checkbook?) Women are always prepared. I am always amazed at women who can open their bag and produce snacks, books, an entire makeup kit, hairspray, and even flip-flops! (you know who you are...!)

Even more interesting, though, is that the compartment-tote bag dichotomy extends into our brains as well.

a delightful entry by my friend and church-mate, lynn nawata hehehe! ^_^

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