Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gianni Berengo Gardin: Photographer

interesting read today...

My most famous photo is the one of the vaporetto in Venice, with all those reflections…. Actually, for a number of years I didn’t even think it was a good photo. The problem with photographers is that you tend to measure the importance of a photograph by the effort needed to take it. If it requires a great effort, like climbing a cold and wind-swept mountain, you think that you have created a masterpiece, when really it ought to be scrapped. When Bischof returned from his travels, he didn’t choose his photographs personally but asked his wife Rosellina, who had stayed behind at home, to do it for him, saying, ‘She sees the image and judges that alone. She does not consider all the factors that lie behind the image, all the sensations I felt. There may be a place, a house, with a beautiful melody that still haunts me, but she can’t hear that piece of music, and therefore she isn’t influenced by it.’

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