Monday, July 23, 2007

more than meets the eye :)

hehee...i'm gona plug this for KC... you guys would've loved to have been there to see this!

Kids Church used Transformers theme for the AWESOME skit for Every Nation 2007 Sunday service. we were in Gateway Cinema 3...and can i just say they sure made an impact on the kids (and teachers)! nagphoto-ops pa with the kids, parents, and of course the KC team for almost an hour after! hehe. wawa si Tim, Carlos, Benj, Edroy, Sherwin (happy birthday!) and Norvic...they must have sweated buckets.

amazing planning, designing and executing by KC's own alfred, wood and reb, plus sleepless nights painting, constructing and assembling by their team of KC teachers...if any of you are connected to them here in multiply i'm sure you've read lots of blogs or seen albums of the behind-the-scenes by now (for example, gayette's "Buzzy with Bumblebee")

Lel Jingco of team2 did a great job doing Prime's lines backstage on the mic with his booming bass voice...and Bumblebee was, of course, the favorite, esp when he went out with the other robots to dance (yes the robots danced) to praise songs with the kids! and despite the sleepless nights and meticulous planning by all the teachers involved, KC was still high on the energy level scale...way way way over! the praise dancing, the games, Pastor Pao's excellent preaching, kids moved to tears during worship... of course, security and classroom management was tight, reg and admin was all in order and...tacos for everyone! (wala lang...haha)

and the kids...of course the kids were simply amazing...seeing them on fire for God, dancing their hearts out, singing and crying to worship, laughing and interacting during the skit and games...we had our own little foreign delegates from all over the world there too!

i saw this picture on ram's album and my heart made a big *twang* seeing the group...i was so proud being a part of this amazing day. big thanks also to the heads of basically organizing everything (i dunno if they have official titles haha) weena and jerry (not in pic) ,necy, mike p. and jorge :)

and of course, i'll never forget the part where me, p. pao, the teachers and basically the WHOLE theater kept roaring with laughter during the skit watching Optimus Prime bug Megatron for...what else? One 2 One.. hahahahaha! :P

hay. ang haba na pala. anyway, this'll be a topic of conversation among KC (and beyond) for weeks to come so i'll stop here. :) and my title...well, KC is more than meets the eye (ay, corny ba haha)...sure we have fun games, creative skits, great props and good-looking teachers but...underneath all that is the heart to serve and worship God, to raise the world-changers of TODAY and to advance His kingdom and reveal His glory to the ends of the earth!

Whatever it takes! :)

pics courtesy of Ram, Jomi and Alfred. check them out :) (im sure there are tons others here on multiply!)
Transformers at Kids Church
Every Nation 07 World Conference
KC Every Nation 07 July 22

video link:
fanning the flames of christianity :P
bugging "Meggie"

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