Friday, October 05, 2007

what i learned playing polar bear...

in a polar bear game,

:: i am not a small group leader (or worship team-mate, or KC teacher, or friend...)

:: smiling sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. learn how to put on a polar bear face.

:: don't challenge hilary-real-chieftain or gayette-real-chieftain. it's scary O_o it makes your hands shake .. wahaha

:: listen very, very carefully. watch out for the "i think"s. verrrry important to not say "i think". kahit villager ka lang...don't say "i think"

:: BUT ... think before you speak. if you talk too're a polar bear. if you don't talk at're a polar bear. good luck.

:: you can be exposed as an undercover polar bear...but if you're cute enough, they won't vote you out yet (thanks yas!)

and lastly, what i learned about playing polar bear,

:: iya and i suck at being a polar bear chieftains

photos courtesy of
gayette, a beary beary fun evening
hilary, of maya birds and polar bears / singles reunion
veejay, singles night
mai hern, sg photos

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