Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All hail King Benjo!

he was my brother peter, and he called me sister lucy (he still does!). since then i felt like it was more than just a role in a kids church skit... when i first met him at cat's house for friday's small group meetings i felt drawn to this charming, funny, energetic guy. he had a big smile and an even bigger laugh, always ready with a funny hirit or two. everytime i see him i can't help but give him a hug.

recently, we learned he's been diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy...he gave us a visit one time, just to say hi and to let us know about his condition. at first i felt tears in my eyes as he described in detail how he felt, his doctor appointments and their plans at first to go to the States but deciding to have treatment done here instead. but as he talked, i felt he was as strong as ever, and i felt a bit guilty for feeling sad. he still had his big smile on and it wasn't fake...he wasn't just being brave for us...he genuinely believed that this is God's answer to his prayer for spiritual growth. he said this was his chance to grow closer to God, to walk the path He meant for his life, to perhaps be able to finally fulfill his destiny. as he sat there and talked about his great trial, i felt his passion for life even more. my heart felt lighter, and i found myself wearing a smile almost as big as was as if his excitement was catching. physically, he looked like he needed rest, but his eyes still shone with the same passionate energy and his voice was powerful and resounded through the room.

benjo's faith in God keeps him strong and he is an inspiration to so many people, and i think his good friend lance said it best in his entry...

"what makes Benjo an astonishing person is that he chooses to be defiant in the very face of despair."

just like a true king, don't you think? i can't wait to see him again, to hear him call me Lu and then give him a big big hug.

for schedule on gigs for his fundraising, check out "Remission Is Possible"

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