Monday, April 17, 2006

happy easter! (and a brand new moleskine)

hope everyone had a restful and blessed holy week. i know i did. i chose to stay home and just rest and spend time with my mom and sisters (both of which i haven't done much of since moving to our new office) translated: watch tv practically all day with them. oh, we went to Ace Water Spa in qc. gotta love those herbal heated pools. :)

anyhoo... i got another moleskine! tsk, i'm not a moleskine addict. (close to being one, perhaps, but not quite yet). this one i'll dub my little miracle book. i've had quite a few miracles, blessings or even trials which i've overcome.... reminders from God that he is in fact "shaking" me -- a wonderful term i learned from Pastor Joey's book, The Promise No One Wants -- of which i decided to make a journal of.

ok, it's 1am, and my grammar's getting really horrible. i gotta go sleep already, but i promise to share a few of my writings here also.


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